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Surgical Q & A: Do I need eyelid surgery or a brow lift surgery?

Drooping eyelids and eye bags are some of the most noticeable signs of aging, caused by sagging skin, loss of elasticity, loose muscle and excess fatty tissue in the upper lid and below the eye.

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In eye lid surgery or blepharoplasty a small incision is made in the fold of the upper lid and/or along the lower lash line, allowing the tightening of underlying muscles and removal of excess fatty tissue and skin, resulting in a more youthful look above and below the eye. The scar is entirely concealed. Because the skin is delicate near the eyes, full healing can take 10-14 days, but the result is a more rested, rejuvenated appearance.

Weakening of tissues and muscles above the brow can also contribute to a drooping eyelid, furrows in the forehead and frown lines. In this case a brow lift, involving several small incisions behind the hairline, allows for a tightening of deeper muscles and tissues, resulting in the re-positioning of the eyebrows and improving the eyelid appearance, as well as smoothing the forehead. Generally, the outer upper eyelid is lifted in this procedure. This can be done endoscopically, and there is minimal scarring and minimal downtime.

Sometimes one procedure is needed, but often a patient can benefit from both procedures. The results are much more permanent and more dramatic than what can be achieved with neurotoxins and injectables.  If you choose the surgical route, an experienced, board certified facial plastic surgeon can determine if one procedure or both would achieve the best results for you.

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