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Dos and Don’ts for People With Dry Skin

Man applying moisturizerA lot of skin care tips that you might read on the internet are meant for people who have normal skin. If your skin is more naturally dry than others, you need to take care of your skin differently. 

Things that you do every day could be causing your skin to become drier and drier over time. By cutting out the following habits, you may be able to allow your skin to retain moisture:

Taking Showers That are Too Hot for Too Long

Did you know that showering or bathing in hot water is just like being outside in cold weather? Hot water causes the skin to become irritated and may begin to itch. Even if moisturizer is used afterward, the itching feeling will still remain.

How to solve it:

Take lukewarm showers if possible (the water temperature will feel good when you get used to it!) Try to ensure the shower only lasts about five minutes or less.

Taking Showers Too Often

The skin has natural moisturizing factors that build up on the skin over time. These natural oils are washed away everytime you shower and use some sort of cleanser or soap.

How to solve it:

Rinsing off for a brief period of time is okay, but avoid re-applying soaps. It is recommended that those with dry skin use oil-based cleansers 

Using Too Many Beauty Products

While skin care products can certainly help your skin’s overall moisture level and condition, it is possible to use too many. Different cosmetic products can react with each other and cause skin irritation.

How to solve it:

It is recommended that people suffering from dry skin use only two or three skin care products.

Over-Exfoliating and Scrubbing

When skin is dry and flaky, it is a natural reaction to want to scrub these flakes away. Scrubbing and using an exfoliating product too often can irritate the skin. 

How to solve it:

Use an exfoliating product only about one or two times per week. When washing your face, try dabbing gently instead of scrubbing.


Shaving is actually one of the fastest ways to strip your skin of the oils it needs. While many women may be against giving up shaving their skin altogether, shaving less often could help improve their skin’s condition.

How to solve it:

When shaving, make sure that the razor shaves in the direction that the hair is growing. Do not shave against the grain as it causes irritation. Use a natural oil such as coconut oil instead of shaving cream.

Not Drinking Enough Water

When you’re not hydrated properly, the skin isn’t able to get all of the fluid that it needs to reproduce healthy skin cells and oils that form a protective layer. 

How to solve it:

Isn’t this one obvious? Drink more water! Also be sure to get foods that are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 oils.

Too Much Makeup

Makeup is one of the biggest culprits for facial dryness and acne because it tends to clog pores, especially when foundation is used. 

How to solve it:

If possible, avoid foundation and try to wear less makeup. Use products that are lighter and those which are specifically designed to be used on sensitive skin.

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