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TotalFX Laser Skin Treatment Results

Getting Rid of Scars and Wrinkles

TotalFX is a fractional laser treatment option, meaning it only affects a fraction of the skin and leaves bridges of untouched skin to aid in the healing process to make for a quicker recovery time. This is done using a narrow laser microbeam for precision, combining the benefits of both DeepFX™ and ActiveFX™.

To learn more, view our page on TotalFX laser skin treatment.

Wrinkle and Scar Treatment Results

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars and folds
  • Improves pigmentation, skin tone and texture
  • Stimulates new skin and collagen formation

Who Can Get a TotalFX Treatment?

Most people can safely receive a TotalFX treatment. However, always consult Dr. Kleiman by calling (410) 544-9988 to find out if TotalFX is right for you.

Wrinkle Treatment


Scar Treatment


Results received from Traverse Skin

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