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Laser Hair Removal in Annapolis, Maryland

For many men and women, trying to remove unwanted hair can be a nightmare. Many techniques can be painful, time consuming and inefficient. Until now the only options for removing unwanted hair were hair removal creams, sharp razors, hot wax or painful electrolysis needles. Now, laser hair removal can provide quick, painless and long-lasting results.

What is the laser hair removal process?

Laser hair removal uses a low-energy laser to gently remove unwanted hair, putting an end to routine shaving and waxing. This advanced technology transcends the older, painful hair removal treatments to deliver results that last much longer. Because the laser treats more than one hair at a time, it is possible to treat larger areas such as the back, shoulders, arms, legs and even your face. Laser treatments leave your skin looking and feeling smoother. Best of all, laser hair removal treatments are safe, fast, gentle and is an effective alternative method for hair removal.

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How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments that you’ll require depends on several factors including the area being treated, the hair density and your hair’s growth cycle. Your hair grows in cycles and multiple factors influence it’s growth. The following factors influence hair’s growth rate, location, thickness and resilience:

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Weight
  • Hormones
  • Diet
  • Medication
  • Metabolism

The laser that Dr. Kleiman uses slows the growing capacity of follicles in the growth cycle at the time of the treatment. Since some hair follicles may enter their growth cycle after your treatment, multiple treatments may be required to deliver optimal results. Treatment results will vary from patient to patient depending on skin, hair color and the other factors previously mentioned.

Note: Removing hair does not make it grow thicker, darker or faster. The opposite is usually true. The laser may cause hair to come back slower and thinner.

How is laser hair removal different from electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a much slower process. With electrolysis a needle is actually inserted into each individual hair follicle, one at a time. Once inserted, an electric shock burns the follicle to prevent hair growth. Laser hair removal uses the light of the laser to scan the treatment area and within minutes all of the hairs in the laser’s beam are treated. Most patients who have had both procedures say that laser hair removal is less painful, faster and more convenient.

How to prepare for laser hair removal

To request an appointment for laser hair removal with Dr. Lee Kleiman at his office in Annapolis, call our office at (410) 544-9988.