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truSculpt® 3D Non-Surgical Body Contouring in the Severn River Area

Dr. Lee Kleiman and the staff at Severn River Plastic & Laser Surgery offer non-surgical body contouring using truSculpt 3D. 

truSculpt 3D Before & After, 12 Weeks 1 Treatment

Are you looking for a non-surgical alternative to liposuction? truSculpt 3D is a new way to lose inches from your waistline and reduce the appearance of cellulite from common trouble spots such as the thighs, waist, and buttocks without surgery. truSculpt 3D uses the latest advances in radiofrequency (RF) to heat the deep layers of fat and trigger a natural cell response, eliminating a large proportion of the fat cells.

truSculpt 3D is not a weight loss plan. However, if you’re near your ideal weight, truSculpt 3D may be for you. The results are subtle and ideal to remove those small amounts of fat that stubbornly remain despite a good diet and regular exercise.

Compared to older, alternative approaches such as freezing and ultrasound, a truSculpt 3D treatment is more comfortable, faster and most importantly more effective. There is no downtime needed after your truSculpt 3D treatment, so you can return to work and normal daily activities right away. Results will appear gradually within approximately 4 – 12 weeks. Just 1 – 2 sessions, approximately 2 months apart, are usually enough to create significant improvements. Subsequent treatments can be performed if necessary. Schedule a consultation by calling (410) 544-9988 if you would like to find out if truSculpt 3D is right for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About truSculpt 3D

What is truSculpt 3D?

How is the procedure performed?

How many treatments will I need?

Can truSculpt 3D be used on all skin types?

How fast will I see results?

Is this procedure painful? Are there side effects?

What is truSculpt 3D?

truSculpt 3D is a new, nonsurgical radio frequency device designed to sculpt and contour the body. On average, patients who’ve had this treatment have experienced an average of 24% reduction in fat thickness* in a single treatment.

How is truSculpt 3D performed?

The truSculpt 3D hand-piece is placed on a patient’s skin in the area to be treated. An RF pulse is applied for up to four minutes. Once the pulse is complete, the hand-piece is moved to the next area. The total procedure lasts about an hour.

How many treatments will I need?

During your consultation with Dr. Kleiman, he will discuss the number of treatments you will need based on the area(s) you want to have treated and the results desired. Typically, you should see results after one treatment, although some patients choose to have a second treatment for final tweaks or to treat additional areas.

Can truSculpt 3D be used on all skin types?

Yes, truSculpt 3D can be used on all skin types.

How fast does truSculpt 3D show results?

Right after the treatment, you body will start to break down and flush out the remnants of the fat cells that have been treated, which begins the reduction in the treated area’s circumference. Every body is different, but most people see noticeable results 6–8 weeks after being treated.

Is truSculpt 3D painful? Are there side effects?

Patients tell us that the procedure feels like a hot stone massage. Your provider will gently glide the hand piece over the treatment area and the temperature of the skin will rise but should remain comfortable for the duration of the treatment. You won’t experience any side effects except for the slight tenderness mentioned above.